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Filmy State Magazine is the one stop destination portal for the all the entertainment and fashion gossips, news and many more. Our website is a one-stop destination to satisfy your gossip cravings. We have the answers to all your questions like what’s happening and what’s trending all over the glitz and glamour world. Filmy State Magazine the latest trends and news of the world of entertainment. Starting from what’s the gossip of the garden to which series or movies you must have in your watch-list this weekend. Filmy State covers everything for you, so that you can have a great time satisfying your gossip cravings.

Content being published in various languages, especially in English, written by exceptionally talented and experienced writers at Filmy State Magazine ensures misunderstandings or any kind of confusion can never be an obstacle when it comes to entertainment. Even not having a desktop cannot become a barrier that can keep you away from the gossips. Now you don’t have to worry about not having a desktop as Filmy Magazine provides a mobile app service for you 24*7.

Those who are thinking about devoting their entire lives to the reality shows  and TV soaps, Filmy State has prepared so much by putting all their blood, sweat and tears. Not only covering the Bollywood industry, we have been hovering over all the latest updates from Hollywood and various other industries as well. Just like heaven for any gossip lover! Our entertainment portal comprises the latest news, gossips, features, celebrity interviews, film reviews, photos and videos. There is only one principle of our website and that is to entertain you of course as once a person has everything, the only thing they need is entertainment. Also as we value our users’ faith in our website the most, to protect the information shared by you to us, we follow the highest standards of privacy guidelines.