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Akshay Kumar got trolled for promoting Dowry in his recent ad’s


Recently, Akshay Kumar is seen in an ad promoted by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for the safety of the ones by using car seat belts and airbags. Many people put allegations against him of promoting dowry, which is considered a punishment in a country like India.

Details of the Ad:-

On Friday, the former minister Nitin Gadkari posted a video on his social media handles to aid the government’s effort for promoting six airbags in cars. This ad has been made after the accident of the chairman of Tata whose car was gone crashed. Nitin Gadkari seemed to be thankful to Akshay Kumar for promoting this road safety campaign during the initial days by writing “Thank You Akshay Kumar for your support to the nationwide National Road Safety Campaign. Your efforts in spreading awareness on road safety issues are truly commendable. We’re committed to bringing down road accidents in India with awareness & public participation,” on Twitter.

In this video, we can see a father who is upset about his daughter’s Bidaai.  And at the same time a Policeman aka Akshay Kumar witnesses the Bidaai and slams him for sending the newly married couple in the car having just two airbags by saying “Aisi gaadi me ladki vida karoge toh rona toh aayega hi na.”

After this, he tries to understand the father about the benefits and safety measures of using six airbags in the car. At the end, the ad delivers that for preventing the accidents on road you must have installed a six airbags system in your cars.

Public Reactions:-

There are many people who are criticizing Akshay Kumar for promoting a wrong thing in this Ad. Also some of them showed their criticism by tweeting the thoughts shared by them on twitter.

Priyanka Chaturvedi, the leader of Shiv Sena tweeted “This is such a problematic advertisement. Who passes such creatives? Is the government spending money to promote the safety aspect of a car or promoting the evil& criminal act of dowry through this ad?”

Saket Gokhale, main person of Congress also added “disgusting to see Indian govt officially promoting dowry.”

Also, one of the fan says This ad is the pits. Lost the plot completely. Is this about the wedding, the bride or that dowry should be 6 airbag car-what is it? These govt ads are so puerile and ill-conceived. They couldn’t talk about safety any other way?”

Another commented “Not everyone can afford airbags. Instead try to improve road safety, design, lights, and signs as well. Many accidents happen due to dividers which people cannot see on dark roads.”

So, the ad is getting mixed reactions from users all over the World. Also, let us know your views on this. Is this right for you?

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