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Alia Bhatt- Ranbir Kapoor took four pheras instead of seven


Ranbir and Alia’s wedding was the most awaited weddings of the Bollywood industry which finally took place this April 14th,Thurday. The relatives and the couple kept their lips sealed about the wedding details until the eleventh-hour.

Wedding Details:

As the couple and the relatives remained tight-lipped until the eleventh-hour about the wedding details, the fans are stunned with the sudden wedding announcement of Alia and Ranbir. Alia and Ranbir took their wedding vows this April 14th, Thursday at Ranbir’s house Vastu in Bandra. After the wedding, Alia took to Instagram and posted the first official pictures of the wedding. Through the post she also conveyed the message to her fans about why they chose to get married at home. According to Alia, being surrounded by their family and friends at home in their favourite spot i.e., the balcony of Ranbir’s house. Fans could feel the couple’s happiness through their euphoric smiles during throughout the wedding ceremony after dating for about five years.

Later, after the wedding, Alia’s half-brother revealed that the couple only took four pheras instead of seven under the guidance of their special pandit. As per the sources, the pandit has been with the Kapoors for many years now. He also explained the significance of each of the pheras. Rahul also added that it was very fascinating as he has never been exposed to such rituals. Belonging to a household with multiple ethnicities, taking four pheras instead of seven seems to be really fascinating for Rahul Bhatt.
As Alia and Ranbir took their wedding vows on Thursday, fans could not wait to get all the inside details about the most anticipated wedding of the year. Lately, fans have been drooling over the visuals of the newlyweds after they got to have a look of the couple after their wedding ceremony. As per sources, the wedding took place at Ranbir’s Bandra home Vastu, where Ranbir kneeled down to let Alia put the garland on him and kissed as a seal to their wedding as their close family members and friends cheered for them.

Further more, Alia added to her Instagram saying,” how they wish to live together, with so much already behind.” The couple can’t wait to build more and more memories together, memories that are full of love, laughter, comfortable silence, movie nights, silly fights and Chinese bites.


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