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Are you ready to enter Brahmastra’s astraverse with Ranbir and Alia?


The wait is over and the Brahmastra trailer has already landed at #Trending 1 on social media platforms like Youtube, and Twitter in just one day.

The trailer was released on 15th June 2022 and has reached more than 5.2M views from then there has been no stop to what people think about the trailer and how fascinating has been the visuals of the trailer.

The magical trailer has set great expectations among the fans and it won’t be wrong to say that Ranbir, as Shiva is portrayed as the protagonist with superpowers watching him with Alia on screen, is a moment that everyone is waiting for.

Although the trailer has Alia and Ranbir as youngsters who fell in love the focus of the audience has also gone to the characters played by Amitabh Bachchan, there is a great transformation in his look and fans can’t wait to watch the BigB back on screen. There’s also Mouni Roy as the villain who is drastically made into an evil character whose main goal is to get the Brahmastra, and there comes the correlation of the title with the trailer.
The famous Telugu actor Nagarjuna is also a part of The Brahmastra and his role had added more power to the trailer.

While we have such mega actors performing in the same product it is very difficult to keep calm till the trailer releases, netizens now have shown a great responses to the trailer, they have hoped the movie to not disregard the Indian culture and set a global record.

One of them commented that “The fact that they are trying something so different and unique is applaudable, If we go crazy about Nordic Mythology in Marvel films then we should also appreciate how Brahmastra represents our culture”, many people supported this opinion thus stating that the netizens are ready to embrace the Astraverse.

The trailer is trending for a reason: the cast, the visuals are on point the only thing that now matters is the storyline, fans hope that the movie would be a blockbuster and thrilling just like the trailer.
Certain cameos in the movie are yet unannounced but the talks of SRK being one of them has blown away the fans and now the thrill is into hundreds because who would like to miss such a combination of magic, power, romance, action, and mythology.

As soon as the trailer was released netizens started tweeting about how some of them also don’t find the trailer that exciting and are disinterested in watching it, while everyone has a different opinion one can’t judge the whole storyline from the trailer, while some started trolling the other side of the social media came into action with the humorous meme game based on the template and visuals of the trailer.

One of the famous Twitter pages known for its meme game @arcomedys compared Mouni Roy as Wanda and Shiva as Thor from the marvels and captioned the tweet with a multiverse of madness.

It will be very difficult for fans to wait till 9th September(sighs) but the excitement to enter the universe of Astraverse and see the Astra’s of acting done by our supremely talented Bollywood artists will keep us all waiting!

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