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Kangana Ranaut on Dhaakad, getting underestimated and more


Kangana Ranaut has been known for her honest and straightforward responses throughout all her interviews. In one of her recent interviews with Siddharth Kannan for her upcoming movie Dhaakad, when asked about what Kangana feels about the insecurity that other actors have with her because of her “all-rounder image” in the film industry, she responded that it is this insecurity of people that make her feel lonely at times.

Kangana also further explained how sometimes because of her opinions people from the industry do not want to work with her as working with her would lead to them being boycotted by their other groups in the industry. While Kangana did not referee to which group specifically she was talking about, it shows that Kangana was being honest here and not sarcastic in any way.

The interview streamed on youtube and alongside Kangana was her Dhaakad movie co-actor Arjun Rampal who had a different opinion about this boycott thing. Arjun praised Kangana for her passion for acting and he also said that being self-made just like Kangana doesn’t really matter for him if his choices lead to him getting boycotted by any other group. The chemistry between the duo(Kangana and Arjun) looks platonic offscreen but onscreen both of them have a clashing role.

Dhaakad is a female-centric movie and undoubtedly no one could be a better choice to play Dhakkad’s lead role than Kangana who is actually very Dhaakad in her real life too as she keeps on fighting against the criticism she faces every now and then.

On a happy note, she shared that it was a very warm feeling meeting actors and working with them on the sets of Dhaakad and she loved how everyone talked with her without making her feel lonely. This is not the first time Kangana has claimed about feeling like an outsider, earlier also she blamed nepotism to be one of the causes of loneliness that every self-made actor/actresses feel.

While people might think that Kangana is a very self-obsessed actress who puts herself first but during an interview, she tells how people underestimate her by having the opinion that she does not let her co-actors act better than her, to which Arjun sportingly replied that it is not true as just after signing the role in Dhaakad, Kangana guided him to talk to one of the people outside the industry who will help him in furnishing his role for the movie.

The movie ‘Dhaakad’ is getting a great response from the fans and they can’t wait to see the queen of female lead roles-Kangana shining in Dhaakad.

India’s first female-led mega-action thriller ‘Dhaakad’, directed by Rajneesh Ghai will release in cinemas on 20th May 2020 and the trailer has already been trending since it has been uploaded.

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