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The hype behind the ‘Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai Piya’, song


The most awaited song from Bhramastara is out and the amazing blend of Arijit’s voice and Pritam’s music is making us listen to the cover on loop!

Though the teaser of the song has been trending for a long time the full song with 2minutes of Alia and Ranbir(Isha and Shiv in the movie) has attracted fans and has crossed more than 4M views on youtube within 4 hours after its release on the Sony Music Channel.

After the release of the song netizens tweeted it to be overrated as the song didn’t meet the hype that was created, some believed.

The two minutes version of the song was released on Sony Music India’s youtube channel and it felt that the audio teaser part is the only main part in the full song too plus the lyrics sounded quite unrhymed in between the song while the beginning and end of the cover were well written.

Netizens wrote what they felt about the song on Twitter, one of them wrote that the part love story in Kesariya is like elaichi in biryani’ as the love story part is the most criticized lyric of the song while the rest of the song is soothing for the ears the middle part with the word love stories, somehow irritates the listeners and seems unneeded and out of place to a majority of listeners.

While some part of the song was criticized many listeners loved the song and even called it an Arijit Singh comeback (which obviously he doesn’t need because when did he leave), he has always been singing songs and is actually the backbone of the music industry.

The Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada version of the songs has also been released along with the Hindi version, the Telugu version of the song(Kumkumala) has reached 1M views too thus proving that the hype is real and people from all language backgrounds were waiting for the song!

Not even though the song is getting love from Pakistan as one of the users from Pakistan wrote in the comments of the youtube video that they have never witnessed the world waiting for any song like Kesariya and it is the punchline of the song which is driving everyone crazy but sometimes the expectations we have from the melody is more.

Fans also praised the combo of Arijit and Pritam, as well as Ranbir and Arijit as previous banger songs from Arijit, has been from many movies where Ranbir has starred, like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s Channa Mereya.

The videography of the song was also praised as the beautiful location of Varanasi makes the music more magical and visuals more spectacular, undoubtedly making it trending at 3 in music on Youtube.

People are listening to the masterpiece on loop as the hook line is too addictive to be ignored, a glimpse of the actors exchanging dialogues is also merged very well with the song, foreshadowing to us that not just the marvel visuals but the on-screen love story between Ranbir and Alia is one of the reasons why we must go for the theatrical release of the mega movie ‘Brahmastra’.

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