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KGF: Chapter 2 stands at a total of Rs.300crores in two days


The gangster drama directed by Prashanth Neel has been wrecking all the previous records of the movies in the box office as it has racked up in the range of Rs.53.95crore on Thursday,46.79crores on Friday to drag the total of two days around Rs.100crore mark. Though the movie has almost reached a total of Rs.300crore in just two days, it all depends on how tough the single screen is being held.

More about the movie:

After KGF, KGF Chapter 2 has become the latest chartbuster action movie at the box office. Also, if the figures series 2 and 3 continue to be as it was on Thursday, the movie might break its own record of earning Rs.100crore in just two days but we can only see it happening after Saturday. The has shattered the ground by showing a nominal drop of just 15 percent from day 1 all over India.
As the block-buster already holds the record of its grand opening day, we are ensured that it will also achieve the crown of becoming the grand opening weekend of the Hindi belts. Moreover, the movie is on the way to catching up with the day four extended weekend upside down by Rs.180crores. It’s truly an appreciable project of Prashanth Neel and his team as to collect Rs.45crore on merely a partial holiday is an achievement of high magnitude and it is something that might be exceedingly difficult to replicate in the days to come.
Now the final figures can marginally be higher or lower according to how skilfully the mass belts hold it. Nevertheless, anything over R.40crores is already a legendary achievement, meanwhile, KGF has surpassed that level long back by dragging the figures over Rs.45croreson the second day.


The main lead Yash has now become a star and a name that has been echoing all over India. As per the audience, now the lead actor of the chart-buster action movie is at a point where he needs to take each step wisely, he needs to make the right choices in order to remain one of the most popular names in Indian Cinema. According to fans, KGF 2 for Yash is like Baahubali 2 for Prabhas and it all depends on the path after the films that will determine their worth in the Indian market.


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