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The Archies sparked the nepotism debate once again


The teaser of Archies by Zoya Akhtar has been a big hit and is the talk of the town but recently it has been getting the limelight because of many negative reasons one of them mainly being “Nepotism”.

•While there have been comments about the teaser to be quite modern and unrelatable, the most targeted in this whole controversy are star kids.

•One user tweeted the Archies poster with the caption,”What privilege and nepotism looks like”

•Another user tweeted about how the cinematography, as well as old school touch given to the teaser, makes it look like a European film and not something that has been made by Indians, for the entertainment of the mass.

•Adding to that the dressing sense that has been provided to the actors is also pointed where viewers find it problematic about Zoya Akhtar’s unrealistic approach in which she whitewashes the Indian style by giving the actors an old school touch which is not at all relatable and does not provide mass entertainment.

•It is quite wrong of the netizens to think in this way as cinema and filmmaking are not about creating what is relatable every time to a certain mass for example here(Indians), the sole purpose of platforms like Netflix is to entertain people in any way.

•Unrelatibility of content is just a stupid statement because there’s nothing relatable that one can find in supernatural Marvel movies or old historic biopics, the only reason we watch them is to observe creativity, get inspiration, and entertainment.

•To bash off such comments, Gulshan Devaiah (an Indian actor)who is very active on Twitter with his quick and unfiltered opinions on whatever is trending, tweeted a thread to extinguish the spark of this nepotism debate.

•In the thread Gulshan wrote about how some people merely use the term nepotism to satisfy their own grudges, how it is privileged to get the role but the difficulty to execute that role remains the same for all actors.

•The tweet highlights how acting is an art that cannot be forced and can be done only through dedication which does not depend upon whether one is a star kid or not.

Gulshan also wrote that filmmaking is a private business and unlike any exam, it does not require merit for an actor to be taken in the cast by a filmmaker, it is the skill and the dedication that plays a greater role here which cannot be inherited and can only be established to be successful in the film industry.

•That was one banger tweet from him and was worth the 84 retweets and 604 likes in just one day.
Though there have been many tweets about The Archies, some of them really liked it as it will be a break from the normal drama and some old school drama would be chill to watch.

Adding to it netizens not only gave their honest opinions about the teaser, but they also tweeted funny reactions such as calling the poster similar to a mantra end of season sale poster.

Understanding the whole concept Twitter users also went on to say that there’s no need to judge any show/movie and let people watch whatever they want. In short, take a chill pill and just enjoy the show.

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