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The Bollywood kids are all set to give us old-school vibes for their upcoming film: The Archies


Netflix India has announced the cast of Archies directed by Zoya Akhtar on May 14th.

•The cast includes Khushi Kapoor,Agastya Nanda, Suhana Khan,Mihir Ahuja,Dot,Yuvraj Menda and Vedang Raina. It is called a star kid film as it has Suhana Khan(Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter), Khushi Kapoor(Boney Kapoor’s daughter), and Agastya Nanda(Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson).

•The teaser has got mixed reactions which are filled with appreciation as well as criticism for the star kids.

•It will be a Hindu-Urdu adaptation of The Archies comics.

•The teaser gives retro vibes and a sense of old-school drama.

•While the teaser got a great response from Zoya Akhtar fans, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan also posted The Archies film poster with a welcoming caption for their children wishing them all the best for their new venture in the cinema.

•In his Instagram post-Shah Rukh Khan writes and exclaims to her daughter that she could never be perfect she just needs to be herself on this journey, he also appreciated the fact that she has come a long way but the roads to people’s hearts are unending, which is a very wholesome and well-penned post by the king of Bollywood.

•The announcement also got other brutal responses from the netizens one of them obviously being “the nepotism criticism” where one user gives an alternate title for the movie as Star kids assemble, while another user commented “excited to watch Sridevi’s daughter Khushi Kapoor’s acting skills”.

•But the criticism did not stop just on the caste it continued also on the theme of The Archies. From the poster, teaser and the look the caste has been given the film is not appearing like an Indian Adaptation and netizens feel that it highlights the American culture more.

•The Archies teaser is also getting compared to the Netflix show Riverdale which is a dark adaptation of ‘The Archies Comics’ and was not much appreciated by the fans because of which one of the users captioned the Archies teaser as “Desi Riverdale” while other commented”Riverdale Nagar me aapka swagat hai bachoo” while some hope that this version of Archie is better than Riverdale.

•Apart from what netizens have to say it will be very exciting to watch Agastya Nanda playing the role of the Archies, Suhana playing Veronica, and Khushi playing Betty.

•The teaser has already been a hit on all platforms, especially on Instagram, Twitter, and youtube and netizens can’t wait to watch the star kids take over the show, hoping that it is a good one(fingers crossed).

•The film is set in the 1960s and will release in 2023, while the date remains unannounced as of now.

•There is also a new actor Dot in the film who also goes as Aditi Dot, she is not only acting in the movie but has also written some songs for Netflix India’s The Archies.

•The fans are excited to see the new faces plus Zoya Akhtar’s outstanding direction makes us more excited for 2023.

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