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The Great Indian Family: A Slow Start at the Box Office


In the ever-evolving landscape of Bollywood, where grandeur and star power often dominate the silver screen, a refreshing breeze has swept in with Vicky Kaushal’s latest offering, “The Great Indian Family.” With great expectations and intrigue surrounding the film, it hit the big screen with a wave of curiosity. However, as the initial box office numbers trickle in, it seems that the film’s opening has been, to put it mildly, rather subdued.

A Family Saga Unfolds

“The Great Indian Family” promised to be a heartwarming tale of a typical Indian family. With Vicky Kaushal leading the pack, backed by a talented ensemble cast, the film had the potential to tug at the heartstrings of audiences across the country. The trailers teased us with glimpses of laughter, tears, and the complexities of familial relationships.

The Opening Day Jitters

The anticipation was palpable as “The Great Indian Family” premiered on the big screen. However, the box office numbers for the opening day have raised a few eyebrows. The film managed to collect a net total of approximately 1 crore rupees on its debut. While it’s essential to remember that box office collections are not the sole indicator of a film’s quality or potential for success, such a modest opening does beg the question: what might have gone wrong?

Analyzing the Slow Start

Several factors may have contributed to the film’s slow start at the box office.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the film’s release date might have been less than ideal. Timing is crucial in the film industry, and “The Great Indian Family” faced competition from other high-profile releases and ongoing events that could have diverted the audience’s attention.

Secondly, while Vicky Kaushal has undoubtedly established himself as a talented actor, the film lacked the star-studded allure that often pulls in large crowds on the opening day. Unlike some of his previous projects, this film relied more on the story and ensemble cast rather than a marquee name.

Thirdly, the film’s genre may have played a part in its modest start. Bollywood is known for its song-and-dance extravaganzas, and “The Great Indian Family,” being a family drama, might not have appealed to audiences seeking a more mainstream, high-energy experience.

The Silver Lining

Despite the initial box office hiccup, “The Great Indian Family” does have some potential for a silver lining.

Firstly, word-of-mouth and critical acclaim can play a significant role in a film’s long-term success. If the movie manages to resonate with audiences who enjoy its family-centric narrative and heartfelt performances, it could see a gradual increase in viewership.

Secondly, the slow start at the box office might encourage filmmakers to explore diverse genres and stories that don’t always conform to the blockbuster formula. In an industry often criticized for its formulaic approach, this film’s uniqueness and sincerity should be celebrated.

Lastly, the film’s performance could serve as a reminder that box office collections are just one aspect of a movie’s journey. Some of Bollywood’s most cherished classics didn’t break box office records upon release but gained cult status over time.


“The Great Indian Family” may have had a tepid start at the box office, but it’s far too early to pass final judgment on its success. Bollywood has always been a dynamic and ever-changing industry, and a film’s destiny can take unpredictable turns. For those who appreciate a heartfelt family drama, this movie might just be the hidden gem waiting to be discovered. As the saying goes, “It’s not about how you start; it’s about how you finish,” and in the world of cinema, that couldn’t be truer. So, whether you’re a fan of Vicky Kaushal or simply a lover of meaningful storytelling, “The Great Indian Family” might just be the cinematic experience you’ve been waiting for.

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