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Iro Iro: Re-imaging waste by preserving “Desi craftsmanship”


Iro Iro, an industry based in Jaipur, India is the new clothing brand in India whose founder is a 27-year-old Bhaavya Goenka are on the way to bringing fashion to the next level as they are working on a project of reimaging the wastes while preserving the traditional craftsmanship.


The Indian brand is being well recognized by people all over the world as their project is being promoted through one of the famous magazines i.e., Vogue.

Every one of us is aware of how the purpose of entering the fashion industry today can be so crucial for emerging designers, especially considering the growing concerns around excessive consumption.

Bhaavya Goenka the young and talented 27-year-old designer is the founder of Iro Iro which is based in Jaipur, northern India has been tackling the massive waste problem of the industry that has been at the core of her circular brand ever since it was created.

Instead of making Iro Iro a pure fashion label, Bhaavya believes and sees this brand as an organization that provides the services that enable the organizations to create textile waste to close the loop. She also said that she sees herself not as a designer but as a creative waste management person.

Lately, the emerging brand has managed to divert around five tons of discarded materials from the landfill as they started creating garments made of the fabric scraps that were sourced from other fashion brands based in India and Singapore including the hotels.

Bhaavya had witnessed the amount of waste that exists in the fashion industries, since a very young age when much of her childhood was spent at her parents’ garment manufacturing unit which is based in the outskirts of Jaipur and supplied the materials to the brands in Europe and Japan. She recalled spending hours with her mother converting the waste fabric into baskets and hangers.

“Waste was our play dough” is what she added. The designer also says that while creating Iro Iro, she considered it a huge responsibility for herself to do things differently from what people other designers have been doing for ages.

Goenka went to study at the Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD), after being introduced to the industry of fashion through her parents.

According to her, the institute has a unique aspect regarding the design; students are situated to connect the path between designs and crafts, as the designer explains.

Goenka also wants to convey her message to the customers worldwide that in a generation where sustainability is at the heart of the brand’s ethos, aesthetic appeals are still essential and through Iro Iro she offers minimalism while incorporating the Indian craft.

Later, she described the reason for creating this brand as to make people fall in love with the product first and then learn about the concept of sustainability.

With crossed fingers, she hopes that her products would make the customers wonder if they will contribute to the waste problem or close the loop while purchasing something.

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