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Kard’s BM breaking the Gender-Neutral Fashion Norms for Balenciaga’s campaign


In the K-pop industry, male K-pop stars have been seen leading the gender-neutral fashion movement with their unique outfit styles and choices. Firstly, BTS’V gained the center of attention by wearing a Pearl neckpiece and the entire BTS is often seen wearing skirts during their photoshoots.  Also, Kard’s BM was the latest to join this movement recently. Kard’s BM recently surprised everyone by wearing a tube top of Balenciaga’s campaign.

Kard’s BM dress:-

Currently, Kard’s has been featuring in a luxury fashion brand house Balenciaga’s Winter 2022 campaign. He has also witnessed the Balenciaga FW2 culture show 2022 Fashion Week in Paris, France.

In his attire, Kard’s BM wore a black tube top that emphasizes his bold and strong shoulders. He paired this black tube top with his black casual trousers and a Balenciaga belt. He made an all-black attire by adding a black bag and a pair of black glares, which makes him a good aesthetic.

Some other stars, media personalities, and businesswomen like Kim Kardashian, Alexa Demie, Khadim Sock, Kim Yeon Koung, etc. have also participated in the campaign Balenciaga.

More about Kard’s BM:-

Kard’s BM formerly known as Big Matthew is not afraid of going against the norms. He is the president of Big Tiddle Gang, the team which spreads awareness against breast cancer. In his debut time, he was in a German fashion house and has even done some music songs and Ads.

Kard’s BM has always used his fandom to break the social barriers, starting from his debut in mixed gender K-pop group at a time when the K-pop scene was filled up with boys and girls groups to break the taboos related to Breast cancer by forming a team known as Big Tiddle Gang (BTG). Kard’s BM has also used his fandom to make a podcast host speak out against issues related to patriarchy.

Other Projects of Kard’s BM:-

In recent times, Kard’s BM has also been very busy promoting his solo projects and some in groups like Semi-hiatus with J.Seph. He has also released his singles which include Strangers and Bad Intentions.

K-pop Stars:-

K-pop stars are always found to be very vocal about their unique fashion choices, which have gained popularity all over the world in a very less time. As K-pop stars have a massive fan base to influence all over the world then movements like Neutral gender fashion has certain flaws and stereotypes related to the binary of gender.

Fans also get motivated by the dressing style of K-pop stars and dress up in their ways instead of adhering to the norms of gender-specific clothing.

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