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Hyoyeon: 2nd gen biggest K-pop girl group member to make a solo comeback


Hyoyeon, one of the members of the biggest K-pop girl group named Girl’s Generation or SNSD announces her long-awaited solo comeback as her agency SM Entertainment posted the teaser on Twitter of the idol 1st mini-album called DEEP.

Girl’s Generation Hyoyeon officially announced May comeback:

Recently, Kim Hyoyeon aka Hyoyeon one of the members of the well-known 2nd gen K-pop Girl’s Generation under one of the big three entertainment agencies of South Korea SM Entertainment announced her solo comeback with her 1st mini album “DEEP”.

The idol’s upcoming album is the most awaited comeback for her fans all over the nation and internationally as well. As per reports, the idol took her social media on May 2 at midnight and officially announced that she would be returning with her 1st solo mini-album DEEP and posted a picture, what appears to be a negative of a human eye that might be related to the album.

As per the reports obtained, after dropping the single “Second” back in the summer of 2021, DEEP will be the idol’s first music release.

After listening to the comeback music, Hyoyeon’s fans all over the globe are eagerly waiting for May 16, 6 PM KST as it is the official date and time confirmed for the release by the idol and her agency SM Entertainment.

SM might make a whole group comeback of Girl’s Generation:

2nd gen K-pop the biggest girl group under one of the big three entertainment agencies Girl’s Generation is rumored to make a whole group comeback.

Ahead of the 15th anniversary of Girls’ Generation in August, a mysterious post was made by SM Entertainment on the eight-member group’s official Instagram and Twitter account as the fans were quick enough to realize that the posted teaser could be a sign of the full group’s comeback.

Also, SM Entertainment tagging all the members individually for their respective drops made fans and Netizens even more suspicious regarding the group’s comeback but nothing has been confirmed as of now.

As the group’s comeback remains unconfirmed, fans are also suspecting the pink-themed teaser could potentially be for Hyoyeon who has been making herself fully equipped for her solo comeback with her first mini-album “DEEP”.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon the soloist who is also a member of the same group previously opened up about the group’s reunion for the 15th anniversary at an event.

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