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IIT Hyderabad Ph.D. Scholars Develop AI-Powered Tool That Will Replace Subtitles on OTT


What do you do when you don’t understand the language your friend is speaking?

One of the answers to this could be that you simply communicate with them through a common language and if not that then you have to just pretend to understand them because that’s your friend speaking, in such times one genuinely wishes that they could dub the story their friend told in their preferred language because in real life subtitles aren’t a thing.

Imagine this happening in a reel world, in today’s scenario, all of us are so much dependent on subtitles that without these, the OTT platform would have not reached the height where it is at present.

But as technology offers us to make our work more feasible we have an update for subtitles also by two Ph.D. scholars of IIT Hyderabad Rudrabha Mukhopadhyay and Prajwal KR, with the help of Neural Sync’s AI- Way2Lip app that has this unique ability to dub the language into the user’s preferred language so that the content could become more interesting and understanding for the user.

Adding to it the scholars have assured that users can create one-minute videos that can be dubbed within 45 seconds of time that might be reduced to 15-20 seconds later, which is one appealing factor for theatre artists, scriptwriters, and influencers who had to scratch heads in dubbing the dialogues.

The app is certainly a blockbuster idea and is already getting enough limelight from OTT users as well as to non-users who might use it for making videos for e-lectures or educational purposes.

A teacher from the southern part of India who wants to deeply understand what their student from the North-east has written in their script or how it would sound in the teacher’s preferred language would love to experiment and understand through this app because even though there is a common medium of language (for example English) between both of them but in order to take in the student’s script and get a profound image of what actually they mean and want to interpret, this app is a great savior in such cases.

As this patent tool can be implemented to all OTT platforms and can dub almost all European and Asian languages except Mandarin, it would be very exciting to hear the dubbed version of Pushpa’s famous dialogue “Main jhukega nahi” in Spanish and many more like these thus enhancing the limit of understanding and in a way promoting movies or web series of any language to other users who previously could not watch various famous works just because of the language barrier.
Therefore, Way2Lip is a way to cross the boundaries of language that occur in your path as a user of OTT platforms.

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