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Puzhu’s trailer is here, it’s thrilling, mysterious, and dark


Puzhu (an upcoming Indian crime thriller movie) produced by S George and directed by Ratheena PT will be streaming exclusively in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada on Sony Liv from 13th May.
The trailer of the movie dropped on May 1st and undoubtedly everyone loved the combination of two mega stars Mammootty and Parvathy Thiruvothu in the film.

The trailer accumulated more than 8 million views and 44k likes within a short span of time, Mammootty fans were thrilled and excited for the release of the movie so that they could see the megastar Mammootty in an acting oriented lead role, while people praised Mammootty’s acting skills, viewers also said that having Pravathy brings value and substance in her roles in every movie she acts.

The teaser was not only loved by netizens but many famous actors,film producers also praised and congratulated the director for the amazing response they have gotten from the trailer of Puzhu,one of these was famous actor,film producer Mohanlal Vishwanathan who curiously asked about the release of the movie.

Puzhu will also be a different film for Mammootty as it is speculated that he might have a negative role in this one, which hypes up his character more as seeing him playing a toxic person would be worth the watch. Mammootty very well knows the toxic level of the character and he might be seen fighting with his own urge to act differently because of the negative role provided to him.

While the actors deserve the appreciation they are receiving one must applaud the amazing director of the film Ratheena PT as Puzhu is her debut direction and she feels that the movie very much aligns with her own political thoughts and beliefs.

The title of the movie might sound a bit strange at first but after watching the trailer viewers can join the dots that the story is in some other way related to Puzhu(a Malayalam word that means a worm) and maybe it is through a worm that some crime or action has happened in the movie.

The best part about the 1min 13seconds trailer was that it filled the viewers with suspense and curiosity which will increase the number of viewers who want to watch and know about what exactly might happen,thus creating a perfect trailer.

Although Puzhu will not get a theatrical release and will be released through direct streaming on SonyLiv viewers and fans are excited to watch the magic created by their favourite caste.

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