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Dwayne Johnson’s projects previewing on CinemaCon


Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson’s new upcoming DCEU movie footage found its way to be previewed in CinemaCon which also portrays the brutal side of the iconic DC Comics anti-hero in it. Also, DC films like The Flash and more debuted at the CinemaCon 2022.


The Flash, Black Adam, The Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom are some of the most awaited DCEU films among others that already had their previews featured at the CinemaCon 2022.

During the event, Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam staffer spoke up about his very first superhero venture before the trailer preview at the event, alongside Noah Centeno.

As per the reports obtained by the Hollywood reporters, Dwayne told the Black Adam is the first thing of his life that has gotten him out of his bed. Ahead of the film’s footage being shown Johnson also teased the audience that “the hierarchy of the DC universe is about to change.”

The trailer of Black Adam which was packed with action featured The Rock pulling off some unimaginable stunts such as catching a rocket with his bare hands. Furthermore, the upcoming movie The Flash with Ezra Miller starring in it made a big preview at the event.

As the actor was already in the headlines regarding his recent arrest in Hawaii, the film’s new footage that was revealed during the event gave the spotlight to Michael Keaton who makes his batman return in the film instead of Ezra Miller’s character Barry Allen. The footage showcased Michael Keaton donning his suit again after two decades of rest.

Along with Black Adam and The Flash, movies such as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom with Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen 2 starring in it were also featured in the event.

Furthermore, the cherry on the top moment of the event was when Helen Mirren Fury of the Gods star made an appearance and revealed her debut in DC movies with her upcoming movie titled The Wonderful Crazy Family.


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