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IU and Park Seo Joon’s upcoming movie: Dream completes filming


The upcoming movie “Dream” in which one of the most handsome and popular actors Park Seo Joon and the well-known singer, songwriter, and actress will be starring has completed the filming after two years.

All about the movie:

Director of the very well-known “Extreme Job” and “Melo is My Nature” Lee Byung Hoon’s upcoming movie shows the story of a group of people playing soccer for the first time for the Homeless World Cup. The filming started back in May 2020 and finally came to an after going on for about two years this April 13th. The filming process got delayed when the shooting was going on in Hungary because of the pandemic. Lee Byung Hoon, the director commented, “including filming abroad, this is the result of they got from great efforts over a long period of time.” The director also said that he is very thankful and proud of the actors and staff who endured this process and vowed to work hard in post-production to complete the film that can successfully convey the intended message to the viewers.”
Later, after the completion of filming, the lead actor and actress also expressed their heartfelt views about their experience during the filming. Park Seo Joon, the lead actor who will be starring as Yoon Hong Dae (a professional soccer player on disciplinary probation who becomes a coach of the ragtag soccer team) remarks showed his professionalism and loving nature towards his colleagues as he said that the long journey of “Dream” as finally come to end today. He added that it was a bit sad now that it is ending, but he was very thankful that they could successfully complete the filming as he hopes the movie to receive lots of love from the moviegoers.

Finally, the lead actress Lee Jieun aka IU who is the lead actress and plays the role of a producing director named Lee So Min who is making a documentary about the soccer team also shared that this was her first time filming a feature-length film, and she will remember this movie for a long time as made even more memories as compared to any other projects. Afterward, she Concluded by saying that it was a good experience for her personally as she felt herself becoming more bright and carefree while playing So Min’s character, and she also hopes that the movie can make the moviegoers smile and feel the warmth of it.


The casting team includes the lead Park Seo Joon and Lee Jieun (IU) as the co-stars will be Kim Jong Soo, Go Chang Suk, Jung Seung Gil, Lee Hyun Woo, Hong Wan Pyo, Yang Hyun Min, Heo Joon Suk, and Lee Ha Nee.


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