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Reliving the legend StanLee


The late comic legend Stan Lee who is one of the most beloved co-creators of the Marvel Characters Spiderman, Hulk, and Avengers will continue being on screen in some way through the latest deal that has been signed by The Stan Lee Universe(a joint venture between global children’s media company Genius Brands International and POW) and the Marvel Studios.

•The deal is a 20years agreement which means that Stan Lee’s voice, his images, and his experiences from existing footage and recordings can be used exclusively by the Disney theme parks as well as Marvel Movies.

The audience in a way gets to experience their favorite comedian reliving through digital technology and stock footage and other methods which will not only increase the viewer’s interest but also mark the essence of Stan Lee in the cinematic industry.

•Although there will be no cameos of Stan Lee people who looked forward to the little moments of comedy previously will now experience it in bits and pieces.

•The special deal between Marvel Studios and a venture between Genius Brands International and POW! Entertainment will allow the studio to use Lee’s name freely and they no longer need to be cautious about it as they were previously.

•Stan Lee has helped Marvel to build a whole universe by giving life to comic characters, when he was alive, and not only that before passing in the year 2018 he made cameos for Marvel movies. But who knew that this wasn’t the last time we would be able to experience him, it is through this deal that Stan Lee contributes, entertains, and especially amuses us all even after his death.

The deal gives us a reminder that legends like Stan Lee has limitless dedication towards their fans as well as their franchise and it is his work, his experiences, and his popularity, and the respect people have for him that the craze of reliving Stan Lee in any way excites the audience and makes him unforgettable.

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