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The youngest Kardashian is grateful to be in a loving relationship


The youngest among the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney Kardashian has recently admitted that she is grateful to her fiancé Travis Barker as finally, her children are witnessing their mom in a loving and affectionate relationship for the first time. Also, Kris Jenner is expecting the couple will have their baby soon.

Kourtney’s relationship history:

Kourtney is a mother of three kids – Mason, Penelope, and Reign with his ex Scott Disick. She was in a relationship with Scott for about ten years starting from 2005 to 2015 which was full of highs and lows in each step which is totally changed now. Recently, 43-years-old Kourtney was spotted spending time with her fiancé Travis and their relationship seems to have a vast difference from Kourtney’s past relationship. In the April 21st episode of “The Kardashians”, the couple went to look at a house in Malibu, probably to buy since currently, they are living in separate houses that is a block away from each other.

Kourtney seems to be the happiest when she is with Travis while if we see her relationship with Scott, most of the time she was spotted either arguing or crying over overstuffs which were mostly related to Scott. Scott and Kourtney never had such a relationship where they would show the kinds of PDA that Travis and Kourtney are showing nowadays.

During the couple’s trip to Malibu, both the individuals were seen taking a break together while sitting outside in front of the realtor where Kourtney was spotted straddling Travis as they embrace all kinds of PDA no matter who they are without being afraid of any kind of criticism.

Later, Kourtney also added by saying that kissing and hugging is not a bad thing and admitted that she feels grateful that finally, her kids can see her in a loving and affectionate relationship as they have never witnessed that in their whole lives.

Kourtney’s relationship with Travis:

Lately, Kourtney brought up a case of how haters were slamming her and Travis’ relationship after witnessing their Disneyland PDA for which Travis while taking a stand for his fiancé said that he thinks people have trouble understanding how people can be so in love and affectionate as they are miserable.

Later, in the show, Kourtney opened up about her and Travis wanting to have a baby together. As per reports, the couple started to explore IVF, but sadly, it wasn’t a pleasing experience for Kourtney. Kourtney also revealed to Kris that the medications she went through previously have thrown her into menopause, and it is also the cause of her being in depression.


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