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Crash Landing on you’s power couple became couple in real life


The couple in reel life, who starred in a famous Netflix drama Crash Landing on you tied their wedding knots this April 11th and became a couple in real life. On the same day, the newlyweds were spotted at Incheon Airport en route to Los Angeles, California for their honeymoon.

Relationship details:

Hyun-Jin couple has been dating since quite a long time and finally went through the transition from reel life couple to couple in real life after starring in a very popular Netflix drama “Crash Landing on you”. Looking at their relationship timeline, we can see, Hyun Bin and Ye Jin’s names were first connected in 2011 during when the formers made a cameo appearance in the hit drama, “Secret Garden”. However, it was said that they didn’t cross paths with each other on the set. Later they continued to cross each other’s paths. In 2014, at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, they were spotted sitting next to each other, later sharing cute moments onstage. Fast-forward to 2017, Yejin and Hyunbin confirmed their first project together,” Negotiation”. The actress also revealed her first impression of Hyunbin saying, ”he had really great skin and hair, and I thought he must be an actor that actresses are really into”. The artists seemed to have grown closure to each other despite not sharing much scenes in “Negotiation”. Fans also notes that the artist celebrated Hyunbin’s birthday together in September 2018 during the promotion run of the movie. Finally, in the following year, they were confirmed as the lead couple for “Crash Landing on you”. Despite denials from both sides, a fresh wave of rumours crash-landed among the audience looking at the undeniable chemistry of the reel life couple. In 2021, after quite a few secret sightings over two years including a dinner with Yejin’s parents, Korea Dispatch revealed the news that the couple has been dating for eight months, as confirmed b their respective agencies.

Wedding details:

Hit Netflix drama “Crash Landing On You” couple got took their wedding vows on March 31st in Seoul, South Korea after their relationship was confirmed by their respective agencies and Dispatch. Both the artists were captured in two different outfits at the ceremony in the pictures that have been released by Hyunbin’s agency VAST Entertainment.
The actress, Son Yejin was seen in a beautiful white wedding dress with an off-the shoulder lace bodice design, while the groom was spotted in a classic black formal tuxedo with a bowtie. In the other released pictures, son wore a long olive green dress with lace detailing and Hyun made his fans drool over him by wearing a dark gray suit with a cream-toned tie.
Lately the couple was reported to be spotted at the International Airport in Los Angeles this April 11thfor their honeymoon.


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