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Ira Khan’s reply to being told that her face looks serious


Amir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan posted a bunch of unfiltered selfies and brought up how people keep telling her that she looks so serious. She openly replied to the people by saying she is not unhappy after they told her that her face looks very serious in the pictures.


Ira Khan, daughter of one of the most successful actor Aamir Khan is well known for openly speaking her thoughts and opinions on social networking sites.

She is one of the most active star kids who loves to keep her fans updated about each and every moment. She shared some selfies of herself with no filters on Instagram and also shared how people would keep on telling her that how she looks very serious.

Afterward, the 25-year-old also said that she has a typical face that is neither smiley and happy nor unhappy and is neutral as she donned a no-makeup face.
Ira also spoke about fake smiles in the second picture she posted.

She said that a failed attempt to fake a smile might portray even more sadness even though it’s not true or intended. However, this is a real smile, I tried to fake a smile but right now I am smiling for real and this concludes that we cannot discern a face with a sake smile, she added.

Later, with the third picture, Ira attached the message saying that her intention was only to say happy Saturday and neutral faces are not unhappy or sad faces.

As per reports, Ira Khan is the daughter of actor Aamir Khan who is one of the biggest names in Bollywood. She is the daughter of his first wife named Reena with whom the Khan had parted ways early in the year 2002.

Reports also say that the duo has a son as well and his name is Junaid Khan.

As for Ira, the eldest of the multi-talented actor, director, and producer Aamir Khan, she has not yet debuted as an actress in the Bollywood industry, but she has already made her debut in the directorial field in the year 2019 with a play titled, ‘Euripedes Medea’ with hazel Keech starring in it as the lead.


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