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Megan fox clarifies the blood-drinking ritual between her and MGK


Reportedly, Actress Megan Fox and her fiancé, rapper Machine Gun Kelly have been enjoying drinking each other’s blood from time to time. As per reports obtained by the statement given by Megan, this practice is determined to be some kind of a ritual the couple has been following by drinking each other’s blood


A couple of the two lovebirds rapper Machine Gun Kelly and actress Megan Fox apparently enjoys drinking each other’s blood from time to time which is said to be a part of a ritual between the two.

Machine Gun Kelly’s actress fiancé Megan Fox was asked about the couple’s jaw-dropping engagement announcement that Fox had posted on her Instagram account on January 12th in an interview with Glamour magazine that was published on Tuesday, April 26th. Fox had captioned her post as she shared a brief about the moment when Machine Gun Kelly went on his knees, proposed to her, and finished by saying both of them drank each other’s blood to put a seal on their deal.

Later, Machine Gun Kelly’s soon-to-be wife, Megan Fox also provided clarity about the blood-drinking situation by telling the interviewer that the couple consumes a small amount of each other’s blood in conjunction with certain ritualistic forms of meditation on occasions.

She added by saying that they consume just a small, but they do consume each other’s blood during occasions for ritual purposes only. It was further explained that Fox is into tarot reading and astrology, she also practices several metaphysical practices and meditations.

She also performs some rituals on new moons and full moons and when she does it, it’s like a passage or it is used for a reason and that’s why the couple sheds blood and drinks it, the Transformers actress added.

Machine Gun Kelly was blasted by Joyner Lucas in a tirade concerning Machine Gun Kelly’s prominent position on the lineup of the Lollapalooza Festival 2022 and after about a month the media received confirmation about the blood-drinking ritual from MGK’s soon to be wife, actress Megan Fox.

Though Joyner Lucashas already apologized to Kelly, the Ohio-bred rapper-turned-rocker has yet to respond.


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