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Recently, Lalit Modi has caught been changing his profile photo on Instagram and Instagram Bio status by removing Sushmita Sen from everywhere.

Relationship between them:-

In mid-July, Lalit Modi the founder of IPL (Indian Premier League) gained so much attention for himself as shared some of his intimate photos with his girlfriend Sushmita Sen on his social media handle and confirm to everyone that he is dating the Bollywood diva. He shared some of his pictures with Sushmita during their Maldives vacations. During that time, Lalit Modi made a post by writing a caption like “Just back in London after a whirling global tour #maldives #Sardinia with the families – not to mention my # better-looking partner @sushmitasen47 – a new beginning a new life finally. Over the moon. In love does not mean marriage yet. But one that by God’s grace will happen. I just announced that we are together”

Also during that time, he changed his profile picture and updated a new one with the diva herself Sushmita Sen, and updated his bio mentioning Sushmita Sen as his better half. He also mentioned that they are not married yet, but are finally dating each other and will marry soon by god’s grace.
During that time, Sushmita Sen got very trolled by fans on social media and has been called a gold digger. Although she also mentioned a post on her social media handles mentioning, no marriage, no rings, just unconditional love.

What actually happened now?

But it is very surprising for all the fans and the trollers, That it’s not been more than two months that Lalit Modi has changed his Instagram Profile and bio which somewhere indicates the breakup of the former with Sushmita Sen. On this Tuesday morning we found his Instagram Profile photo to be changed as his solo picture and the bio have also been changed by removing Sushmita Sen’s name from there. It has been assumed that they are far apart from each other now, as they have been ended as just an affair. But the official confirmation is not yet announced by any of the two.
Also, Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen continue to follow each other on Instagram and still have their pictures on the social media handle. Although, during the times when Lalit Modi shared their intimate pictures Sushmita Sen mostly found remained stifled on social media.

Work Status?

On the work front, Sushmita Sen is doing her project for Disney Plus Hotstar for a web series named ‘Aarya 3’.

So, it would be interesting to wait and see what actually happened between Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen which made the former change his Install profile photo and the bio by removing Sushmita Sen’s name and photo.

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