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The Late Late Show host James Corden bid goodbye


The Brit comedian James Corden who has been hosting one of the well-known talk shows that is The Late Late Show is all set to bid goodbye to the show after having a great career of about eight years as he will depart ahead of the summers in 2023.


Reportedly, James Corden, the host of the Late Late Show on the CBS TV will be bowing out next year. The comedian started hosting the show in the year 2015 and did a remarkably great job.

As per reports, the London-born actor and writer will quit hosting The Late Late Show ahead of the summer in 2023 after releasing one more season of the show.

According to the reports obtained, the CBS President and CEO George Cheeks praised Corden for making the show more comedic and entertaining with his creativity including the Carpool Karaoke videos in which he performed with the pop stars including Adele and Paul McCartney on the road.

It was reported that Corden’s contract was bound to expire this August, but the London-born host, actor, comedian, and writer decided to extend the agreement for another year as he will be hosting one more season of The Late Late Show. Corden will bid goodbye to the CBS TV The Late Late Show that airs every weeknight at 12 12:37 a.m. Eastern in spring 2023.

Later the President and CEO of the CBS TV George Cheeks opened up about Corden leaving the show as he said he wished for Corden to stay longer, but he is proud that Corden made CBS his American home and that their partnership will extend to one more season of The Late Late Show.

The host also opened up regarding parting ways with The Late Late Show by saying that he had a hard time making the decision of leaving, but he is thrilled to be extending the agreement for another season.

Later, Corden added to that by saying that before he started his career with this talk show, he thought of hosting only for five years and then leaving, but then stayed on.

Corden also told about him thinking about leaving for very long and wondering if there would be something more adventurous and thrilling coming his way.

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